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You’re Attention is desperately needed


You’re attention is needed and questionnaire answers needed to keep further restrictions from happening on the Custer Gallatin National Forest, forms need to be submitted by June 1st.

Currently the Custer Gallatin National Forest is beginning it’s Forest Plan Revision process. The Forests Service is currently in the “scoping” phase of taking information in on the revision. We and the people of Southern Montana need your help.

We would ask that you fill out the attached form and send it in, you will need to print it and send it in. FAFA & CBU support open access to all public lands and believe forest plans should reflect our historic multiple uses of those lands.

If the thought creeps into your mind “I don’t live there, why do I care” remember, nothing is stagnent, what grows in the Forest Service in one place, pop’s up 600 miles away in another, if you question that, look at the project by project closures Eastern Oregon is seeing now, utilizing local single source contractors to restrict access, where did that start at? Montana, why? Because we all didn’t know to speak out about it.

Now you do, please help, we all either stand together and fight as one voice, or we fall as individuals.…/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd494047.pdf