Beaver Creek Fish Passage Project



WWNF Project Description

Provide fish passage in Beaver Cr by placing concrete weirs in spillway, rock grade-control structures at intake, and rock and weirs by diversion pool. Place rock to grade channel in Elk, Cove, W Fk Beaver Cr intakes. Install fish screens at intakes


Under Analysis


Upper Beaver Creek subwatershed, La Grande


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FAFA Comment

When the Beaver Creek Watershed was created, 7 “artificial barriers” were created in the Beaver Creek, Cove Creek, Elk Creek and the West Fork Beaver Creek.  One of these “barriers” is the dam at La Grande Reservior.  These barriers do not allow steelhead, bull trout, and “other aquatic species” access access up stream.  “Approximately 14 miles of summer steelhead habitat and approximately 9 miles of potential bull trout habitat. Bull trout are not currently known to exist upstream of the dam, although suitable habitat exists there.”

The 4305270 road will be widened and road bed will be added to support truck traffic.  Road improvements will be made to gain access to the dam and spillway with 14-17 trees being removed and placed in Beaver Creek for habitat enhancement.  When the work is completed on the dam and spillway, the road to the dam will be removed.  There will be a 40,000+ sq. ft. staging area created in a open area in front of the care takers house.  The dam spillway will be converted to a fish ladder using weirs and boulders.  The main intake below the dam will be modified to facilitate fish passage.  There is a diversion upstream from the reservior that will be modified by removed a 3 foot section, adding weirs and logs downstream.

The other diversions will require using roads 4305275, 4305278, 4305280 and 4305281.  The diversions will be left in place but, gravel and rocks would be put in the stream to bring the stream bed up to the top of the diversions.  All the pipes in the project area will have screens installed to keep fish out of the pipes.

No road decommissioning is involved, nor is there any access restrictions being put into place.  Please review the document on the WWNF webpage linked below before contacting the La Grande Ranger District with any concerns or comments.



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Cindy Christensen