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Recommended Roads for Decommissioning/Destruction

You were asked – Got the maps were right?

You were NOT ASKED – Do you still use these roads? What do you use these roads for? Do you plan on using these roads into the future?

A group of people that make 60 to 100 K a year sitting behind a desk made these decisions for you, without taking your input, or that of our County Commissioners that have requested numerous times to be a part of this process.

Every road in these maps marked in red are now slated for destruction. Wallowa County, the residents of Sumpter and Unity, as well as users in the Eagle Creek area are probably the hardest hit, but all areas are going to see their access points destroyed in the name of ecological protection of social well being.

Nineteen maps showing the roads the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest has recommended for decommissioning, we have listed each map by a geographic point in the area that can help guide you to the correct map for you.

South Fork Burnt River

Map_19_South Fork Burnt River_Eldorado Campground

Dooley Mountain

Map_18_Baker_Dooley Mountain

Phillips Res & Black Mountain

Map_17_Sumpter_Phillips Res_Black MTN_Unity Res

North Fork Burnt River

Map_16_Sumpter_North Fork Burnt River





Eagle Creek


Medical Springs & Cathrine Creek Summit



Map_13_Medical Springs_Catherine Creek Summit

Anthony Lake & Granite


Map_12_Anthony Lakes_Granite

Upper Imnaha

Map_11_Upper Imnaha

Salt Creek Summit

Map_10_Salt Creek Summit

Lostine, Enterprise, Joseph


Union & Cove


La Grande & Imbler




Hat Point

Map_5_Hat Point

Thomason Meadow

Map_4_Thomason Meadow

Buckhorn Lookout

Map_3_Buckhorn Lookout

Chesnim & Sled Springs

Map 2 Chesnim_sled_springs