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Mushroom season upon us (and Travel Management Affects)

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Please find attached the 2013 mushroom picking guide for the Blue Mountains of Eastern Oregon. While these guidelines have been in place for several years now, you will note at the bottom of document a section specifically noted for Travel management and your requirements to meet the policy. This document is supplied to you simply as a reminder of what we are being corralled into as citizens of our communities, and what federal employees are doing to help “protect the resources” from the general public.If you have concerns with the USFS policies on the matter, contact information for each office is found on the guide.

Mushroom Permit 2013


Oregon Senate Legislation against mining

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There are 2 bills in the Legislation that is being sold as stream restoration, protecting fish habitat, etc.  SB 401 and SB 388 are both designed to stop mining near and in streams.

SB401 establishes at 1/4 MILE easement along specifically named “water ways”.  Portions of The Wallowa, Grande Ronde,  Crooked Creek, North/Mid/South fork of The John Day, Eagle Creek, Burnt River and many other streams.  All land with in this easement will fall under government control and land owners will have to get permission to use that land.

SB388 will enact a moratorium on using ANY motorized equipment in the mining of minerals from streams and/or stream beds until Jan 2, 2018.  In essence, the only mining permitted would be panning.

Write your legislators.  The State Legislature website has a form that will email your local Representative(s) and Senator.  Click here to Write a Letter.


Other News

One Year Later

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April 6th, 2013 marked the one year anniversary of the people of Eastern Oregon standing up for themselves and letting their voices be heard on the matter of additional road closures for our region. We have been called trouble makers, rebel rousers, and been addressed as the uneducated and ill-informed, but what we accomplished was unprecedented, we stood our ground and saw a Record of Decision pulled from the Forest Service.

This was accomplished because of the help of men like Kerry White from Montana, and members like Tork Ballard, Mike Ragsdale, Carrie Matthews, and a host of others coming together to assist the greater populace of Eastern Oregon to have a voice in the matter, and to each and every man and woman who helped bring that together we should all be eternally thankful to.

Today we start another year of the battle to keep our access to our mountains, with the same issues ahead of us and new Wallowa Whitman National Forest leadership to work with. While the new supervisor is quoted as stating a plan will be in place by 2015 and not everyone will be happy with the decision, we are certain our voices will continue to be heard with our increased organization, membership and partnerships, both locally, regionally, and nationally.

As always, we appreciate each and every individuals assistance and participation in travel management and look forward to a very active year with you all.


Thank you

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To the Members of FAFA and 418 folks following the Facebook page thank you for taking the time keep up to date with the activities on the Wallowa Whitman National Forest (WWNF). We’d like to take the time to acknowledge our appreciation for the board members of FAFA and all the hard work they put into keeping up on not only travel management but the larger managerial decisions currently taking place on the forest that impact our communities and families, without their tireless vigilance we would have a completely different looking forest today from an access standpoint.

I would also like to ask that you consider attending the Wallowa Whitman Forest Collaborative (WWFC) meetings each month in La Grande. This group will be taking on forest management projects so long as its meeting, you/our participation in those discussions is crucial to saving our access to what few areas are left on the WWNF to get to through motorized means.

It should be clarified that the WWFC will not be taking up Travel management in the larger context of the forest policy on motorized use or “cross country travel.” However, currently there are discussions as to rather they will or will not being addressing road closures on a project by project basis, which equates to travel management (closing roads) on a project by project basis, via support of the collaborative group, if it is deemed necessary by them.

Our friends in the timber, livestock, and mining industries need the support of the mechanic, truck driver, school teacher, city council woman/man, store cleric, high school/college student, restaurant owner, store keeper, ranch hand, sawmill employee etc. to attend these meetings and say enough is enough. Please, if you have time once a month attend, our county officials believe we are fine with closing more roads in order to get a short term “vegetation management” project out of the woods. We can still get products out of the woods with our current roads in place, but only through the greater population of Eastern Oregon voicing our concerns and not being complacent to someone else making those decisions for us. We need to let them know we want logging, but not at the cost of losing one more road to the wilderness agenda that is being forced upon us.

Again, you’re participation is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to a productive summer on this issue with y’all.

If ever you have questions or concerns, please feel more than welcome to message FAFA though the website or Facebook and we will do our best to assist you.



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Just a quick heads up in case you haven’t heard, the Forest Access For All website has been redone! Feel free to look around and see what is here. Got photo’s you would like to add? send them to Have You tube videos that you would like to share? Have websites with forest access info to share? send it to and It will get added.

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