Information on Forest Plan Revision.

What we have happening now is called “predetermination” of an outcome, you can help stop that by participating.

A current email coming from the WWNF states that in order to keep cost down and be responsible stewards of tax payer funds they are only wanting to send out 160 pages of the 1200+ page Forest Plan Revision. This is a guarded attempt to keep the public from fully engaging in the planning process, and more importantly to passively guide you to only reviewing the “preferred alternative” which is against the rules of NEPA as no federal agency is allowed to have a  predetermined plan selected.

Below is for your information. You are fully within your right to have all pertinent information available to you at your calling, and we are fully supportive of you requesting such information. It is not your fault the USFS can not develop a more user friendly document, and more to the point you should not all them to guilt you into feeling like you are wasting federal assets by requesting to have full disclosure of a plan that puts into place the tools to close your mountains.

FAFA recommends you request Package 2 and study it diligently, we will be working with partners from around the west to process the document and help you get through it.

Do not lose hope, we have each others backs, we just have to stick together through this process.

Below is for your consumption.

Per Jodi Kramer – WWNF Public Relations Officer email 3/9/14.

On March 14, 2014,our plan is to have the Proposed Revised Plan, Draft Environmental Impact Statement, and the maps available for the public to readat:

·        All of the Ranger District and Forest Supervisor’s offices on the Wallowa-Whitman, Malheur, and Umatilla National Forests.

·        All of the libraries in 28 different communities.  The list of libraries and district/forest offices will be on the website by March 14. 

·        The documents and maps will also be posted on our Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision website at this location:

For anyone wanting their own copy of the documents and maps (CD or printed) they need to do one of the following:


1.    Download the documents from the website:

2.    Send an email to requesting either package 1 or 2 (see below):  

3.    Call:  541-523-1302 or 541-523-1246


Package 1:  1) Printed copy of the Proposed Revised Forest Plan (based on the Preferred Alternative), 2) Map packet, and 3) a CD with all the documents, maps etc. on the CD. The DEIS is on the CD and is totally searchable on the CD, making it easy to move around and find things in the DEIS.

Package 2: The complete package contains the following: 1) Printed copy of the Proposed Revised Forest Plan; 2) Printed copy of the DEIS; 3) Map packet; and 4) a CD with all the documents, maps, etc. on the CD. This is an expensive package and we have limited copies of this package.


A News Release will be coming your way in the next day or two.

Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions.