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Forest Service Delays Release of Final Environmental Impact Statement

You may have recently received a letter or an email from FAFA stating that the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) would be coming out in September or October. As we read the tea leaves of dealing with the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Supervisors office, we fully expect to see the document in that time frame, and with no cooperation from the supervisors office on giving us even a general time frame, after several request on a basic time frame of release, we decided to step out on a limb and send you the correspondence, roughly 450 letters and 240 emails.
Last week the Forest Service announced that they would be yet again delaying the release of the FEIS due to complications. We see the letters as a good reminder that the process is coming, and coming soon, but not as soon as we thought, attached are the notices that came out last week after we mailed the letters.
We will keep you a prized of when the FEIS comes out and when we will be holding our objection writing meetings so that you can participate in the process and file an objection if you want.