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Dale Wick
Dale Wick

The Entiat Ranger District in the Okanogan-Wenatchee NF responded to a couple fires last summer by installing 9 gates and pulling many culverts.  The closures for 3 to 5 years include a major paved two lane road (FS 5100) Entiat River Road.  No damage to the road and the burn was mostly light.  Reason for closure is "no alternate egress" and possible debris flows from the Duncan burn.  BAER suggested warning signs and leaving the road open.

An infant group has formed called  Access Entiat.  We lobbied for and got a "meeting" (Open House) on 6/6; the FS expect 30 people and over 200 came and most stayed for the full two hours.  No information was gained because it was too noisy and crowded plus they only wanted to deal with the closure reasons and not solutions.

Our committee has met weekly since 6/6.  Have collected over 1000 paper petition signatures and just now started an online petition.  Advice from your group will be appreciated.  Any signatures from your membership, family, friends will also be cherished.

Congratulations on your fine work in support of access to our public lands in all of Region 6.

Dale Wick

Access Entiat

P.O. Box 553

Entiat, WA 98822

(360) 794-6663


I'm trying to find a list of board members but the file seems to be empty. Would you please post something in there I might be able to view and share with folks I'm trying to entice into our group :-)