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FAFA requests withdrawal of Subpart A Travel Analysis Report for Wallowa-Whitman National Forest

One month ago today Region 6 of the US Forest Service released the Travel Analysis report for the Wallowa-Whitman & Malheur National Forests, along with many others. The report is incomplete and based on incorrect assumptions as no public meetings were held to specifically discuss future needs for management and access in those forest. This plan will be used as a spring board for further motorized access restrictions being planned by the Supervisors offices in Baker and John Day over the next several years.

FAFA had requested access to the draft report in April of 2015 so that we could give input and be part of developing recommendations that would work for the long-term residents of the region. Regional Forester Pena, along with Forest Supervisor Montoya denied us access to the draft report. Worse off, is they ignored request from the Baker County Commissioners to participate in development of the report.

Since the US Forest Service has chosen to ignore our needs and desires in their recommendations, and the report will be used against our communities, we are asking for its withdrawal until such time as true public input can be given instead of biased, agenda driven report that does exactly what the Forest Service set out to do in 2012, lock up as much area as possible to the general public of Eastern Oregon.

Letter to Secretary Vilsack requesting withdrawal of the report – Request to direct Region 6 office to withdraw the Travel Analysis Reports 12_29_2015

We appreciate your support, and if you feel so inclined please write Washington DC and let them know you expect the same.