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FAFA June monthly meeting

FAFA Meeting Agenda

June 8th, 2018 Eastern Oregon Livestock Show Parade, Union, Oregon
2 pm

We will be holding our meeting at our rally point for the parade at 1 pm for the

June Meeting. We would also appreciate all that would like to ride along with us

thru the parade to show your support for keeping an open forest system in the

Blue Mountains for Motorized Access. 

Call Meeting to Order

1-introductions as needed

2-treasure report

3-minutes from last meeting

Old Business

1.   BMFPR Objection meetings (No Change)


a)    Baker – Sunridge
b)    La Grande – Armory
c)    Grant County – Mt Vernon Grange Hall (change from original)
d)    Wallowa County – Cloverleaf Hall (Gina Birkmiar is tracking)
e)    Milton Freewater – American Legion Hall is committed

a)    Front door to hand out handout/example/template
b)    Two spare printers & laptops to help people write if requested
c)    Envelopes, pre-addressed

3.   Banquet – Report (odd’s and ends)

4.    RS 2477 research update (if any)

5.    Baker & Union County NRAC’s – Any news to report?

6.    Report from any members attending local Collaboratives?

7.    July ATV/4×4 Rally – Anything New

8.   Lead Objector (Do we want to talk to the lawyer about coming with us when the time comes?)

9.   Miners Jubilee Parade

New Business

  1. Any items from the group?