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Elk Retrieval by Mountain Bike & Tripling your Firewood Storage

Those two things, along with other delightful management techniques will be the standard operating procedure in the Blue Mountains if supervisors offices like the Wallowa-Whitman have their way of “managing access” to our mountains.

Ever thought about hauling out an elk using a bicycle? The Wallowa-Whitman has, and thinks is completely appropriate for you to do (Second paragraph under “how will this concern be addressed”) – .

Are you ready to triple your firewood storage to meet need to season your firewood for 2 years prior to burning it. When the forest go to a “cut green firewood” model, that’s exactly what you’ll need to do (under “are there exceptions or options”, second bullet) – .

We want you to take note, these were draft documents from 2012, being developed as educational pieces to get the public on board with restricting motorized access. They were never given to the public as the Wallowa Whitman National Forest did not want to hold the meetings because they did not want to hear what the public had to say.

The same leadership that led the effort on travel management are developing the Forest Plan Revision and these kind of values are being reflected in that document. 600 plus of you took the time to comment on the plan, which means 600 plus of you will have standing to object to the plan and anyone that didn’t comment, will be able to object to changes/edits made to the plan.

We will keep you abreast as to timelines and actions needed, but we wanted to keep fresh in your minds what we are dealing with and that these desired outcomes have not changed even after 4 years of relative silence.