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Eastern Oregon Miners Association Newsletter

Ever feel like you’re a lone voice in the Motorized Access Restriction discussions? Ever feel like “I don’t matter?”

Buck up there sunshine, because you do, you ain’t alone and if ever you should be able to take a deep breath and know you’re not alone the Eastern Oregon Miners Association should show you that.

Newsletter – EOMA 306 Newsletter

But in all this, here’s the deal. You/we have support, you have people standing up, but the largest “group” in Eastern Oregon that has to stand up is the individual residents. We have done a great job, and continue to grow, but there are 100,000 plus people in Eastern Oregon alone, not counting Southeastern WA, we need to rally about 10,000 people to this cause as individual voices stating NO MORE MOTORIZED RESTRICTIONS!!!

If you need help finding your voice or learning more, we can help you with that. just let us know.