Puderbaugh Vegetation Management Project

Puderbaugh Vegetation Management Project comment period ends March 7, 2014

The Puderbaugh Project is a 36,000 acre project south east of Joseph.  Logging, a fire break and removing beetle infested timber is the bulk of the work to be done.  2 “action” alternatives are proposed for this project.  Alternative B is designated as the preferred alternative by the USFS.  This alternative addresses fuels on more acres than Alternative C and does not involve road closure or Decommissioning.

This project falls under the 36 CFR Part 218 (Objection process) rule.  Only individual’s that comment on projects are able to object once the project final decision is made.  We encourage everyone to comment and let the WWNF we also prefer Alternative B.

Stay tuned to this website for more info.

Link to WWNF webpage on this project

Comment Letter Template

Comment Subjects

Forest Health

Fuels Management is crucial to health of the forest ecosystem.  Logging will benefit the local economy, reduce fuel load and thin timber to improve the overall health of the forest.  Thinning and controlled burns will reduce fuel loads caused by under brush and small timber.

Public Lands Access

Roads closures is a sensitive subject in North East Oregon.  It has been well established that the resident’s of the area do not desire to have ANY roads closed or any public lands restricted from access.  Closing roads decreases public safe.  Fire fighting activities and future management of the forest is made more difficult due to the restricted access.

Fire Break

Preventive measures to prevent uncontrolled fires from spreading saves tax dollars.

Beetle Disease

The biggest threat to the forests after wildfire is the bark beetle epidemic.  Removing the infected timber removes the beetles and is an important aspect to controlling and eliminating this danger to our forests.

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