Blue Mountain Forest Plan Revision

The Blue Mountain Forest Plan Revision comments are due by August 15th!

The Blue Mountain Forest Plan is the guiding policy document for the Wallowa Whitman, Malheur, and Umatilla National Forest for the next 10 to 15 years. The process of revising the forest plan began in 2003 and has continued on to today. The plan is to revise land and resource management plans for our mountains, to “address substantial resource and social changes on the three national forests to include new scientific information.”

The proposed action that was released in 2010 identifies several desired conditions that are concerning for the local residents of Eastern Oregon.

In the 2010 proposed action, minimal to no motor access was identified for “elk foraging ” areas in the blue mountains. The primary use of water coming from the National Forest was for cold water fish habitat, all other uses are secondary.  A highly subjective modeling tool will be used to identify “hydrological connectivity” issues on our public lands, this tool has been used throughout the west to close roads and restrict access to 1,000’s of individuals under the idea of “best available science” using erosion prediction models that are highly suspect even to the developers of the software and model.

The below Presentation Handout gives you tips and initial information on researching and writing you comments.

presentation handout

Inventoried Roadless Rule– 36 CFR 294

UPDATE: Comment suggestions— Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision Comment Outline

Update – Highlighted Current Proposed Alternative For Blue Mountain Forest Plan Revision & Associated Notes.

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