Update on Counties Coordinating on Forest Plan Revision

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After some discussions with County Commissioners we feel it’s time for an update as to where we’re at with county courts/commissioners moving to directly coordinate with the US Forest Service on the Forest Plan Revision. As of today we know of two counties that are working on directly coordinating on the forest plan revision. Wallowa […]

Blue Moutains Forest Plan Revision

Cooperation Vs. Coordination, It matters and you need to act to gain Coordination.

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One of the cornerstones of the issue with protecting our ways of life and livelihoods is how our counties interact with the Forest Service. Currently and over the last two years the Forest Service has attempted to get our counties to enter into and accept the designation as a “cooperating agency.” While the terms seem […]


Breakdown of US Forest Service Plans for the Mountains of Eastern Oregon (The Blues)

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We will attempt to keep this short and sweet, but informative. The US Forest Service is currently revising the management plan that all three forest will operate under in our Blue Mountains. This plan as stated by the three current forest supervisors “is not about closing roads” however the plan states directly that it will […]


Sub-Part A of Travel Managment “Are the maps right?” or how to close off motorized access.

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Tucked in the layers of bureaucratic red tape and web page layers is the announcement for Sub-Part A of Travel Management, the same beast that the people of Eastern Oregon spoke out against Link. This Attachment – Sub-PartA_Breakdown – will allow you to print out the breakdown of what Sub-Part A is, how it will […]