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Blue Mountains Resiliency Project – Comments needed

It is important that you and every person you know comments on this. To do so please enter your name, email address and your comments at the bottom of this article and then click submit and it will be automatically emailed to the restorations project email address.

We wanted to give notice of the current comment period for the Blue Mountains Resiliency Project. This proposal will impact the Wallowa-Whitman, Umatilla and Ochoco National Forest.

Link to scoping letter – Blue Mountains Resiliency Scoping Letter

The project proposes to complete massive vegetative treatments within all three administrative units in response to the poor conditions our public lands due to the mismanagement of the Forest Service Supervisors Offices Baker, Pendleton and Prineville. FAFA stands in support of such treatments to reduce fuel loads on the landscape, we are very aware though as to how such projects are used to manipulate public support to things that are harmful to the communities in the area.

Items to comment on –

  1. There is no delineation of which roads are currently identified as “closed” for public to comment in the scoping period. Roads Identified as “currently closed” should be mapped, and displayed for public comment during scoping period so that an accurate assessment of current road uses by the public are identified as to not cause undo hardship on planners or local residents.
  2. Define “improve existing road networks” does that mean fixing roads to minimize impacts, or decommissioning roads to meet ESA standards that negatively impact the local residents.
  3. There is no definition is found for each of these “connected actions” of system road reconstruction, road maintenance, or re-closure of roads opened to implement treatments (this goes back to item 1. Roads stated as “currently closed” need to be presented to the public in scoping to allow them to comment on the current status of the roads.
  4. No list of potential best management practices and design criteria are presented in the scoping letter for the public to be able to comment on potential treatments.
  5. I support the statement on Page 9 of the scoping letter of “maintaining current road densities” but the scoping letter does not adequately delineate what roads are currently identified as closed or open on each forest so I can not given an adequate comments to the scoping letter as presented.

Email comments to –

Mail comments to – Blue Mountains Restoration Strategy Team Lead, 72510 Coyote Rd., Pendleton, OR 97801