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Blue Mountains Forest Plan Update

We wanted to give everyone an update on the Forest Plan Revision for the Wallowa-Whitman, Malheur, and Umatilla National Forest.

The update is simple, the Forest Service continues to hold an internal dialogue with themselves, and hold the people of Eastern Oregon office as much as possible, if you can stomach it, here’s a link to the audio recording.

To give everyone a taste of what a dog a pony show this has all become here is copy of the transcript of the meeting – July 13 BMFPR Teleconference Update. To say we are sickened would be an understatement.

There is nothing more pathetic than four grown adults sitting behind a teleconference acting like they are “engaging with the public.” And openly admitting they are holding a one way dialogue, and then acting like they are doing something, it’s literally a one sided dialogue of group-thinkers trying to convince themselves how they are not harming our communities.

Here’s what FAFA has taken from this meeting. The Final Environmental Impact Statement is coming and it’s coming soon. We have roughly 600 people that filed a comment in favor of active land management and open motorized use. Each of you will be hearing from us in the next few months on how to engage in the objection process and we hope that you file your objection when the time comes. You will only have 60 days when that period is announced.