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330,000 Acres burned, what does that look like?

What does 330,000 ac’s of burn look like? Kind of hard to imagine but luckily in Eastern Oregon we have a good reference point. If you were to set everything on fire from Baker to Summerville, Across to Cover, thru High Valley across the Seven Diamonds Ranch, all the way down to Thief Valley Reservoir to the Western edge of the Keating Valley back to Baker, you would have burned the same amount of area that the US Forest Service and BLM have allowed to burn over the last year. Map of Fire Footprint.

In the next two months the US Forest Service will release the Final Environmental impact statement (FEIS) for what they and their partners in the Environmental community think should be done with our lands for the next 10 to 15 years thru the “forest plan revision.” Look at the map above, does it look to you like they make good logical decisions?

Please be prepared to file your Objections when the FEIS is released. We will be here to help you thru the process.