Rebuke of U.S. attorneys in Cliven Bundy case: ‘Every prosecutor’s nightmare’

Unfortunately this isn’t isolated to just the Justice Department, but a great deal of other federal and state agencies/departments throughout our country.

When giving individuals the authority to act, with little oversight, and then allowing them to mix their personal agenda’s with bureaucratic process abuses like this will happen on a regular basis.

You’ll notice the judge laid out 6 separate “willful” violations of the Brady Law, which in common English is turning over evidence.…/rebuke_of_federal_us_attorneys.…

It’s grossly obvious where we are at as a society now, if you run askew of a federal agent’s personal desires, they will target you, and manipulate the law to bring as much harm as they can against you and those you love.

Look across Oregon and you’ll see it. EPA/DEQ railroading a farmer because he wants to stop a stream bank from eroding in the Willamette Valley, the US Fish & Wildlife Service and Oregon Deparment of Fish & Wildlife continuing to allow wolves to kill livestock at will throughout the state while our ranchers pay for it, or the US Forest Service cutting off motorized access to thousands of residents simply because they want to “protect” the enviroment.

People within these agencies/departments manipulate “law” for their own person desires, and people like the Hammonds & Bundy’s pay the price, and this article only highlights the tip of the ice berg as to those abuses.

If you think it’s “only people like the Bundy’s” that it happens too, you’re wrong, and until more start standing up like they did, the abuses will continue on.

If ever there was a time when federal prosecutors needed to make sure they acted with complete integrity it was in the high-stakes Bundy case, legal observers say.…